Nils-Simon Fischer "Ausbau"
Run Time: 31.08. - 26.09.
Baustelle Schaustelle Duesseldorf, Brehmstraße 41
Öffnungszeiten:Opening hours:
Vernissage 31.08. at 19:00 o´clock
Every day we absorb and participate in the creation of information. Accordingly, personal, public and political spheres overlap every day. So what happens during this everyday process and what might it look like? In my drawings, I usually record received actions and actions in real time onto a pre-determined grid, box by box. The boxes are thus occupied by signs or - in the case of a pause - expressed as blanks. In these transcriptions, my transcriptions, my impressions are encoded through rhythmic lines and signs which I also combine…
ART AWARD 2021: „WER sind WIR - WIR sind WER“ Deadline extended: August 21, 2021 This year, the 12th open Art Award call of Baustelle Schaustelle e. V. invites young artists to submit works on the open topic “WER sind WIR - WIR sind WER”.  After nearly 1 ½ years of restrictions and imposements, we as a team wished for a theme with ‘no direct’ correlation to the ongoing pandemic.  All proposals have to work with the room Brigittastraße 9 and be clearly visible through the window (we have to…
Kai Eric Schwichtenberg "I Write You From Home"
Runtime: 27.04. - 08.06.
BaustelleSchaustelle Düsseldorf, Brehmstraße 41
Öffnungszeiten:Opening hours:
Viewable anytime though the windows and appointments by email.

Filmscreening „Fonja“ by Lina Zacher Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 7 pm BauSchau ZU GAST @Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf Birkenstraße 47 (Hofgebäude) Last-minute change due to Corona! Unfortunately, participating in the filmscreening will only be possible with prior registration via email to The artist will be present. Entrance free. Watch the official trailer! The documentary „Fonja“ gives a close insight into a place which is totally isolated from the outside: a youth prison of the biggest detention center in Madagascar. We get a glipmse into a world which is shaped by…
October, 2 - 23, 2020
BauSchau Düsseldorf, Brehmstraße 41
Opening event: October, 2 at 6 pm
Öffnungszeiten:Opening hours:
The exhibition can be seen through the window, appointments via email
We lived in rock caves and wrapped ourselves in animal skins, and nothing has changed in this regard for thousands of years. Sand sticks to our skin like a wet shirt in the rain. The sculpture is an internalized sensory perception shaped from the unknown in sand and textile. Sponsored by
28 August - 27 September 2020
Brigittastraße 9 in 45130 Essen, Germany
Introduction: Miriam Hüning
Öffnungszeiten:Opening hours:
Visits by appointment.
Visible through the display window.
ZU GAST artist talk available on our YouTube channel: August 2020 // ZU GAST / Artist Talk Tomoya Imamura and Joanna Kischka The series attempts to describe a Hungarian present whose post-socialist reality nourishes a new form of nationalism. A people who have been opressed for centuries, whose culture and education has centred around the history of said opression is searching for a new enemy to blaim in this new free, but unfair world. This image series combines documentary photography and staged images, though it remains unclear how much manipulation…