ART AWARD 2019: „Photography in Motion“

Deadline: March 24, 2019

In this year, the 10th open call of the Art Prize of Baustelle Schaustelle invites young artists to submit works on the open topic “Photography in Motion”. The winner´s work will be shown in autumn 2019 in a solo exhibition at Baustelle Schaustelle Essen. In addition, the winner will present his / her work in form of a lecture in our series ZU GAST at Baustelle Schaustelle Düsseldorf.

We are pleased that Thomas Seelig, Director of the photographic collection at Museum Folkwang, this year was interested to specify the topic. “Photography in Motion” gives the artists the opportunity to choose their medium from the wide range of working with “Photo”.


The Art Prize 2019 is bound to the topic “Photography in Motion”. Please submit a project (Exposé), which is to be realized at Baustelle Schaustelle Essen in a solo exhibition (opening 27/09/2019). From the exposé, the development of the own artistic work should emerge clearly.

Room layout can be seen on our website


Artists up until the age of 35 are welcome to apply. The winner commits him-/herself to do an exhibition in fall of 2018 at Baustelle Schaustelle Essen. At the opening (27/ 09/2019) there will be an introductory speech or artist talk which the artists are obligated to organize. The winner will also introduce his/her work  further by doing a talk, performance (or other forms) in our series “ZU GAST” at BauSchau Düsseldorf, Birkenstraße 61 (Date: 24/09/2019).


The project space Baustelle Schaustelle is a venue for young contemporary art. Since fall 2007 it has been exhibiting works by young artists from all over Germany, Europe and the USA on a regular basis. The showroom in Brigittastraße, Essen which was initially intended as a temporary experimental platform, has become established as a permanent exhibition venue. Since its first open call in 2010 the art award already received a great amount of positive feedback from both artists as well as the media. The subject of the art awards varies from year to year: last year’s theme was “space”. In September 2017 Baustelle Schaustelle opened a second space in Düsseldorf, Birkenstraße 61, where talks, lectures and performances take place.


An independent jury (see “JURY”) will select the winner of the ART AWARD 2019.The price money will be 1000 Euro. The winning project will be shown in a solo exhibition at Baustelle Schaustelle Essen in fall 2019 (date: 27/09/2019). Furthermore, the winner will give a lecture about his / her work at Baustelle Schaustelle Düsseldorf (date: 24/09/2019).


The application must be submitted by post to:

“Baustelle Schaustelle” Brigittastraße 9, 45130 Essen, Germany until March 24, 2019 (date of postmark).

Complete applications should include:

_ Printed cover letter incl. contact information

_ Curriculum vitae with realized projects

_ Exposé (sketch or draft of the planned work)

The submitted sketch or exposé should be clear as to how the project will be put into realization in our space in Essen.

For room plans see

The submitted entries should be no larger than DIN A3 (= 29,7 x 42 cm). Applications including electronic media must be submitted on DVD or USB storage devices. Ideally they should also include a synopsis of the given electronic work (i.e. videos). Entries can only be returned if there is a stamped and addressed envelope enclosed to the application. Entries which are not picked up until May 31st are subject to disposal. For better communication it is important that you hand in the complete address including email- and phone contact details. For further information take a look at


The members of the jury are:

_ Morgaine Schäfer, Artist, Cologne

_ Dr. Thomas Kremer, Chairman of Telekom AG Germany, Bonn

_ (chairwoman) Dr. Stefanie Kreuzer, Senior curator Museum Morsbroich Leverkusen

_Dr. Hans-Jürgen Lechtreck, Deputy Director Museum Folkwang Essen

_Kerstin Meincke, Institute for new art history / art science University Duisburg-Essen

_Dr. Volker Troche, Krupp foundation Essen


Baustelle Schaustelle holds no responsibility for submitted applications. Nor can insurance coverage be guaranteed during the transportation or subsequent exhibition of the works. Furthermore, apart from the prize money, financial support for the completion or transportation of works will not be provided under any circumstances. The copyright will remain unaffected. In connection with the contest and the exhibitions, the applicant must waive all his or her rights of usage. The artist allows Baustelle Schaustelle to use text and photo material for publicity and presentation for Baustelle Schaustelle. During the course of the show the exhibited works will remain on the premises of Baustelle Schaustelle. By participating in the contest, the applicant agrees to the conditions listed above.


Baustelle Schaustelle – Raum für junge Kunst

Brigittastraße 9, 45130 Essen