Duration: Dec 8, 2020 - Jan 3, 2021
BauSchau Düsseldorf, Brehmstraße 41
The exhibition can be seen through the window, appointments via email

At the end of the quiet stair­ca­se stands a small buil­ding the size of a thumb. It is a fresh and soft house that stands the­re wai­ting, built of sand­co­lou­red stone. The walls are all the same size, buil­ding a per­fect squa­re of a house. One has to go down to one’s kne­es to inspect it more clo­se­ly: every wall has five blue win­dows, and each win­dow is deco­ra­ted with han­ging yel­low figu­res, hol­ding green tor­ches. The figu­res are glit­te­ring in the light, tur­ning and fal­ling, picking them­sel­ves up and dancing, never wit­hout grace or lack of speed. Lemons, red and bit­ter, had fal­len from the trees and like jewels are spread on dus­ty black tiles sur­roun­ding the small house. Some lemons had cra­cked open from the fall. Their bright-colou­red oran­ge, yel­low and some­ti­mes deep red fle­sh was now expo­sed, glis­tening in the mid­day sun.

In my work I am sear­ching for the inbet­ween. I am fasci­na­ted by the dream-sta­te, whe­re time and space are dou­bled. Phy­si­cal spaces which can­not be lin­ked to one spe­ci­fic func­tion, as well as archi­tec­tures which are some­whe­re bet­ween the insi­de and the out­side, for me, are a sym­bol for such a sta­te of dre­a­ming. In the city one might find courts and gar­dens, reli­efs on walls, mosaics, ele­va­ted places, foun­ta­ins, unfo­re­seen pockets of green as well as play­grounds. Per­cei­ving and expe­ri­en­cing them, the­se spaces impart some­thing ambi­guous, some­thing tem­po­ra­ry and free, which they car­ry within them­sel­ves. They open up ques­ti­ons and invi­te one to stay. At the same time they ask for move­ment through them, in order to look at them. Always, dra­wings are the start­ing point. Thin­king of the flat­ness and the way paper is rest­ric­ted by its four sides and cor­ners, I try to come clo­ser to such an inbet­ween space. The dra­wing enters space in dif­fe­rent ways, and during the pro­cess of working, a new level opens up bet­ween the dimensions.

Nura Afnan-Saman­da­ri, born in 1993, is curr­ent­ly stu­dy­ing at Kunst­aka­de­mie Düs­sel­dorf with Prof. Lena New­ton as well as Sabri­na Frit­sch. In 2017 she ear­ned a Bachelor’s degree in Secon­da­ry Edu­ca­ti­on at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Cologne.


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