opening 17. May, 18 o'clock
Öffnungszeiten:Opening hours:
17th. May until 14th June 2024
Aufsichtszeiten: every Thursday 17-19 o'clock AND Saturday, May 18th, 12-16 o'clock
What are the b-sides? Are they models of extravagant rooms with a rooms with a wobbly depth effect? Or visually confusing illustrations? Printed on the back of a package? Are these things illustrated objects orobject-like images? As it is so often the case with the artistic work of Stefanie Pürschler, the works have a strange hybrid character. They are three-dimensional, functional objects (more precisely, they are the cardboard boxes of various consumer goods from chocolates to pizza), which, after an excursion into bi-dimensionality (in the printing process), get a new,…
Opening on the of March 18 o´clock
+++ extended until April 28th. +++
Öffnungszeiten:Opening hours:
From March 12th until April 09th.
visiting hours: every Wednesday 17-19 o´clock
My Favorite Game... Hakan Eren Hakan Eren is a sculptor who works in a variety of media, primarily in the form of sculptures, objects and collages, but also of drawings. For the exhibition at Baustelle Schaustelle, Eren has conceived a compilation of objects together with a series of drawings. This includes a tricycle with a horn and an axe blade, a type of model that is reminiscent of a stage with spider-like marionette control arms or perhaps of a parcel distribution center, as well as a series of drawings depicting…
ART AWARD 2024: “In die Zukunft zurück”   Deadline: March 15th 29th 2024   This year, the 14th open Art Award call of Baustelle Schaustelle e. V. invites young artists to submit photographs on the open topic “Zurück in die Zukunft”. The winner’s work will be shown in autumn 2024 in a solo exhibition at Baustelle Schaustelle Essen.    IDEA  The Art Award 2024 is bound to the topic “Zurück in die Zukunft”. Please submit a project (exposé), which is to be realized at Baustelle Schaustelle Essen in a solo…
Opening January at 18 o´clock
Öffnungszeiten:Opening hours:
16.01. until 13.02.
every Thursday 17-19 o´clock
Opening 21. November at 18 o´clock
Öffnungszeiten:Opening hours:
21.11. until 19.12.
every Thursday 17-19 o´clock
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Opening on 31.08. at 18 o'clock in Essen
Öffnungszeiten:Opening hours:
31.08. to 28.09.
Opening Hours: every wednesday 17-19 Uhr

Artisttalk with Dominik Geis on the 28.09.2023
  2023 Baustelle Schaustelle art award Janis Löhrer Falling Into Places Janis Löhrer, this year's winner of the Baustelle Schaustelle art prize, is presenting in his solo exhibition Falling Into Places wall pieces specifically created for the space. The work consists of three parts that work together and independently of each other. With this work, the artist continues his work of an aesthetics of discretion. In various compositions he explores the hidden encounters and passionate acts of homosexuality. On white tiles with blue glaze, numerous arrangements of individual figures, cats…