Opening 22th February from 18 o´clock.
from February 22th until March 21th
visiting hours: every Wednesday 17-19 o´clock.

A few words about the project :
Z. lives in the Sys­tem of Peo­p­le. She has DID, dis­so­cia­ti­ve iden­ti­ty dis­or­der. Dis­so­cia­ti­ve iden­ti­ty dis­or­der is a cere­bral defen­se mecha­nism that forms during child­hood when we are sub­ject to
long-las­ting recur­ring trau­ma. In respon­se to it, our brain forms sepa­ra­te iden­ti­ties to pro­tect us, to let us sur­vi­ve. It’s like sha­ring your body with other peo­p­le: swap­ping the body and having dif­fe­rent minds.One day Z. said: “I would like to see all of us tog­e­ther in one pho­to.” We had to start by exter­na­li­zing the Peo­p­le. Z. and the Peo­p­le in her Sys­tem were clo­sed-off at that time and they couldn’t step in front of my came­ra. We deci­ded that my good fri­end – an excel­lent actress of the young gene­ra­ti­on – Anna Próch­ni­ak, would do it. I was crea­ting the Peo­p­le of the Sys­tem upon Z’s descrip­ti­ons and direc­tions. I also knew some of them per­so­nal­ly, they would come out in cer­tain situa­tions. Thanks to cos­tu­mes, make-up, and, as I call it, gra­phic per­so­ni­fi­ca­ti­on as well as acting incar­na­ti­ons of Anna Próch­ni­ak, we crea­ted the first reve­al of the Peo­p­le of Z’s Sys­tem. Obser­ving the­se actions, Z deci­ded that she wan­ted to par­ti­ci­pa­te in the who­le pro­cess herself.
About the Artist:

Anto­ni­na Kon­o­pel­ska, PhD (1990). Mul­ti­me­dia artist, Assistant Pro­fes­sor at the Aca­de­my of Fine Arts in War­saw, Lec­tu­rer at the Polish-Japa­ne­se Aca­de­my of Infor­ma­ti­on Tech­no­lo­gy in War­saw. She works pri­ma­ri­ly with staged or pro­vo­ked came­ra situa­tions or new media art based on per­so­nal expe­ri­en­ces or docu­men­ta­ry rese­arch, focu­sing on mat­ters of iden­ti­ty, inter­per­so­nal rela­ti­ons, and pro­xe­mics, often imple­men­ting social con­texts. She is also inte­res­ted in sound and movement.

Gra­dua­te of Grze­gorz Kowalski’s Audio­vi­su­al Space Stu­dio Kowal­nia at Media Art Facul­ty at the Aca­de­my of Fine Arts in War­saw (MFA 2016, BFA 2014) and Modern Lan­guage Stu­dies at the Uni­ver­si­ty of War­saw, (Ibe­ri­an and Ibe­ro-Ame­ri­can Stu­dies, BA 2014). She defen­ded her doc­to­ral dis­ser­ta­ti­on at the Aca­de­my of Fine Arts in Katow­ice under the super­vi­si­on of Prof. Ewa Zawadzka and Prof. Judy­ta Ber­naś (2022).

She pre­sen­ted her works during num­e­rous solo shows (‘All that we has’, Pro­jec­t­Room, U‑Jazdowski Cast­le Cent­re for Con­tem­po­ra­ry Art, War­saw, 2022; ‘Chór / The Choir’, Vien­na Woods Gal­lery, Los Ange­les, 2020; ‘Liber­t­an­go’, TRAFO, Szc­ze­cin, 2018; ‘The Wax of Pol­and 3.1’, Pro­mo­cy­j­na Gal­lery, War­saw, 2018, among others) and group exhi­bi­ti­ons (‘Lon­don Con­tem­po­ra­ry 5’, The Line Art­space, Lon­don, 2022; ‘Out of Pol­and’, Are­na 1 Gal­lery, San­ta Moni­ca Art Stu­di­os, 2019; ‘A Pro­cess 2.0’, Kra­kow Pho­to­month, 2016; ‘Rea­dings’’, Salon Aka­de­mii, War­saw, 2015; ‘Mas­quer­a­de’, CFF The Cent­re for Pho­to­gra­phy, Stock­holm, 2012, among others).

Reci­pi­ent of Mło­da Pol­ska (Young Pol­and) Scho­lar­ship by The Polish Minis­try of Cul­tu­re and Natio­nal Heri­ta­ge and Scho­lar­ship for out­stan­ding young sci­en­tists by The Minis­try of Edu­ca­ti­on and Sci­ence (2023), Adam Mickie­wicz Insti­tu­te Polish Cul­tu­re Abroad scho­lar­ship (2022, 2021, 2020, 2018), scho­lar­ship of ZAIKS – Polish Socie­ty of Aut­hors and Com­po­sers (2021–2013), fina­list of INOUT Fes­ti­val (2019) and DEBUTS! pro­gram (2015), the Minis­try of For­eign Affairs Artis­tic Award of 2014, and The Minis­try of Sci­ence and Hig­her Edu­ca­ti­on Scho­lar­ship for out­stan­ding artis­tic achie­ve­ments (2013).

Mem­ber of ZAIKS – Polish Socie­ty of Aut­hors and Composers.